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Property Wood Interior design Floor Flooring

Wood Hearth Home appliance Flooring Floor

Television set Entertainment Display device Gadget Technology

Furniture Musical instrument Table Wood Floor

Wood Gas Composite material Flooring Art

90 Gallon Set up - $375 -
90 Gallon Tank - Standard dimensions. Around 7/10 condition (some scratches on the lower part of the tank).
Stand is a metal stand but is completely wrapped in wood so it looks better. This thing is a BEAST.
Glass lids
Beamswork reefbright LED ***with timer. Has both white and blue lights and settings to use either only white, blue, or both.
Rena XPXL (newer version of xp4)
Sponge filter + fusion 700 air pump (can pump 2 sponges)
Jager 300W heater
Egg crate for the bottom
Sand/crushed coral substrate

55 Gallon Set up - $175 -
Tank - standard dimensions. Has dual side plastic hood. One of the lights works and the other needs a new balast.
Stand is wood.
Lights (one side needs balast)
Penguin 350
AqueonPro heater (I believe its 150W)
Aragonite sand substrate

29 Gallon Set up - $30 obo -
Tank - There's a small chip where the two corner pieces come together but the tank holds water and has held it for over a year.
Heater (it's either 100 or 150w)
**There's no filter for this tank

Driftwood. Approximately 12" in length - $15
Safety Siphon with pump (This is a homemade but better version of a python. It uses MUCH less water). The hose is either 40 or 50' long. Comes with sink attachments. - $40

I'm in no rush to sell and currently will not part out the tanks.

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Bringing this back to the top. Still available. Acceptings offers!
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