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I bought this setup used last summer and added a bunch of new stuff to it since then. Just not into things anymore. I know there are a bunch of bigger tanks for sale, but I am on the Island if anyone is looking for one there.

--90 gallon Hagen tank, 48"X18"X24"
--Black 30" tall stand with 2 glass doors on bottom sides and wooden
middle door for canister filter, with matching tank hood.
--Fluval 405 canister filter
--2 802 power-heads with under gravel filter
--Hagen HO T5 ballast and 2 48" T5 bulbs and individual reflectors
--100lbs white gravel
--2 200 watt Stealth heaters
--bunch of lava rock, coral, scrapers, mag float cleaner, air pump,
moonlight, python gravel vacuum, etc

Think that's pretty much it. There are some shrimp and snails in there right now.
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