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My friend is moving to Toronto by the end of this month and he has to sell his 90 Gallon Tank. It was used for African Cichlids. He is the first owner, the setup is around 1.5 years old, very well maintained.

The setup comes with:
90 Gallon Tank (very good condition - no scratches - looks like new)
Matching Stand (Solid Wood)
Coralife 48" light [2 x T5s]
Glass Canopy
Long Python Water Changing Hose.

10 Gallon Quarantine Tank
24" Light

+ etc misc stuff as he is getting out of hobby.

All for only $180 firm

I looked at it in person and I would rate the tank setup 9.5/10. I cant take it to my place because I dont have any space, so I thought I would share this good deal with you.

It also comes with XP3 and The rocks you see in the tank for $150 more (which I will be taking).

Pick up in Burnaby. PM me for details.
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