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I think I am finally ready to sell the tank now. Although there is still no one taking the eel.
I will just move it to another temp tank if I happen to sell the tank before the eel.
The tank is pretty unique as it doesn't have a center brace. However, the down side is that the tank has thicker glass and heavier than normal tanks
When I had it fully running.

At this moment, I have sold almost all my live stock and the LR are just randomly placed.

Main tank:
36.5"x24.5"x25.5" 1/5" thick glass


27"x17.5"x17.5" (3 chambers and the largest one is 11"x17.5"x17.5")

Return pump:
JEBAO DC3000 capable control flow rate

New price, Main tank+Stand+sump for $150.
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