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FS 90g show aquarium+ used ada+JBL florapol updated

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- 90g wave shape tank (curves in frond, silicone been resealed once)
- matching black tank. (in very good condition)
- completed 10lb co2 system with mixmax disfuser connected to filter ( need to refill, almost empty( cost around 20$)
- 4" odysea light (3 t5ho plants bulbs, led moonlight, timer ready)
- eheim pro 2
- rena xp3
- most importance /expensive are live stock :
plants, driftwood,rocks, substrate etc.... as u see in the picture. (tank is running and .....exactly as in pictures)
lots of fishes: 3 full size of torpedo barbs, 1 group of rummy nose , 1 group of cardinal, 1 group of white clause, some BN long fin silver tips plecos,
other tetras, saes, breeding group of albino corries (keep producing eggs , some survive, member of the group keep increasing slowly :)) of unknow number ottos. some galaxy ras.
1 secret :)) this tank is supper easy to maintain ( no fert. wc 1/week or some time i dont wc for 2 months it still look good)
tank is very clean. no algae ( only appear on the spray bar :( easy to clean)
asking for 1000$ whole setup. not selling anything separate.
or 500$ without live stock. or 500$ for aquascape (driftwoods, plants, moss,rocks, substrate)
+++ also have 7 or 8 bags 9l used ada amazonia . let it go for 70$. dry and clean
+++ 3x 700g florapol for sale . 40$ ea. u can search google for more info. its much better compare to ada and other addictives and easy to use... u can use it under any kind of substrate even sand. 1 bag 700g can cover 80-120 cm bottom.and will last for more than 3 years.

also looking to trade for red arowana or arowana setup .

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bump. super nice tank
Too small for Arowana?Nice Tank.
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bump......................looking for asian arowana
bump..................weekend bump
I could use some Amazonia substrate but probably 2 bags max. How much would you charge for that? And is it the normal or powder type?
u guys can take and share with the others. sorry not interested in selling them in small amount.....its normal type of ada amazonia
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