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Don't really want to, but i need this gone before friday! i have family coming to stay with us for a month and the spare room needs to be cleared out. really don't want to get rid of it but i have no choice

90 gallon tank
2 filters: aquaclear 110 and aquaclear 30
1 aqueon 200W heater
tons of plants and decor
currently using sand as substrate
light canopy has waterproof LEDs nothing fancy but good enough
50 foot hose/vaccume for draining, cleaning, filling the tank just hooks up to a tap
will also throw in water testing kit, alkaline buffer, tap water treatment, nets and whatever fish food i have left by the time you pick it up

1x Pseudo whitetail cichlid
1x Flavescent peacock cichlid
x Dragonblood cichlid emale
1x catfish
1x upside down catfish
1x pleco (huge)
1x Banded Leporinus

It's nothing super fancy, but it's a great tank for a beginner or someone looking for a cheap larger tank.

I really prefer selling it all as a package, not looking to sell stuff individually

need this gone ASAP i am selling for $100 only. worth a lot more but i really need it gone.
cannot provide delivery. pick up in port coquitlam. i cannot help move it because i have a back injury so bring a friend to help you lift it.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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