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The short version: list of available fish, condition, and price. I live in Salmon Arm. No - will not be travelling anywhere soon so these fish will be by pick up only. Prices for BCA members listed.

1) Asian Arowana - 22 inches long. RTGHB. Absolutely flawless. Currently in a 340 gallon (6 foot * 30 inch footprint). Is an F1 import - had for almost 3 years now. Certificate of authenticity included. I will post a photo soon but this fish is a 10/10. No defects, no drop eye, nothing. Perfect health and super thick. $650

2) Motoro Stingray - wild caught. Approx 1 year old. Perfect health. No defects and brilliant color - almost a pink/brown hue. Only one drawback - only eats worms and some frozen krill, Mysis shrimp. Can't get him switched to pellets. I have had him for approx. 2 1/2 months. $200. Approx 7 inch diameter.

3) P12 Henlei Stingrays * two of them. One male - one female. Wild caught. One is chocolate brown with yellow spots and the other is a lighter brown with yellow spots. Approx 16 months old. Both are in perfect health. Eating carnivore pellets and the occasional shrimp. Male's disc is perfect in shape and style 10/10. Female does have one small edge of her disc that is not perfectly round (very minor)....9/10. Selling the pair for $1000. Approx 9 inch diameter.

4) Colony of tropheus: 13 - jeuvenile F1mpulungu $150 for all. Almost a year old.

5) Colony of tropheus: 14 - 16 F1 & WC Mpulungu $225 for all. Mature and breeding. Had them for over 2 years now. Imported from US.

6) Colony of tropheus: 15 - 17 F1 Illangi. $250. Just reaching maturity and starting to breed.

Reason for selling: change in work is requiring me to be out of town....sad day for sure but these fish are too precious to leave to chance. All fish are used to high end filters, powerheads ++, and water changes of 40% weekly (minimum). Rays a bit more often - every 4 days.

Pictures are way to reach is by email at [email protected].
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