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I had this AC70 running on reduced flow with a DIY water diffuser on my 10g for around a year without any issues. However I decided to switch back to my AC20 and have no use for my AC70 anymore.

There is one caveat, which may or may not be an issue depending on your needs. While cleaning the impeller a few months back, I knocked it off the bathroom counter onto the tiles on the floor, breaking off one of the six impeller blades. Strangely, flow has not been visibly affected in any way, and the only thing that the lack of one impeller blade has done is significantly increase noise and vibration from the motor. I ran it that way for the past couple months without any issues at all. If vibration and noise is not an issue, one broken impeller blade doesn't affect anything. If it is, a new impeller can be had for around $15-$20.

There will be no biomedia or activated carbon included with the AC70, only the original foam filter.

As such, given the broken impeller blade and the absence of biomedia and activated carbon, I am only looking to get $25. Please PM for images!
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