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FS: Adult Axolotl(s) $40

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Hi everyone, moved to BC just this summer from Alberta but I have checked out the forums before that :)

I am mostly posting to see if there is any interest from people experienced in the hobby. Axolotls are about two years old, about 7-8 inches long I am guessing, they are a lighter green wildtype, their parents were a dark wild type and a leucistic born in Alberta. I am considering rehoming at least two of them (I have four total), because recently there was a biting incident and I am just finding it very stressful. I knew they had the possibility of nibbling on each other, but it was fine until now and I'd really not like to experience it again. One axolotl is ready to go, the other is still healing as this only happened a few days ago (as a side note, I am considering keeping my two favorite and dividing the tank). The one currently for sale is, I suspect possibly female, though I am very unsure about that, and very healthy and fat. The other one will be ready to go whenever he is fully healed, fairly certain he is male.

I am not interested in just *selling* them, I would like to know they are going to a good tank and home and someone somewhat experienced in the aquarium/axolotl hobby. I have never really rehomed any pet I've ever had, fuzzy or fishy, so I'm not taking this lightly. I did not take the trouble transporting them from AB to BC just to rehome them for no reason, but maybe they are better off separately. If suitable homes are not found, I will work out alternative tanks to keep everyone safe and happy. Very sorry if this comes off as a bit scatterbrained, haha :/

Pitt Meadows, but am willing to meet in between somewhere if necessary. Please tell me your tank setup and/or experience. I will not knowingly rehome them with tank mates of any kind unless you are some kind of axolotl wizard :)
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