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I need to make some room in my house. Preference will be given to quickest pick up. I am sorry but I can not deliver.

FS: Running 10g with quirky LED light AC mini filter that is missing the basket with Black Gravel $15 has some rams horn snail baby's and can through in 10 Endlers. SOLD


FS: Fluval 206 used for 1yr, then it started to leak. I thought it needed a gasket, which i never bought. Turns out I was pushing down on the lid too hard. May still need a gasket at this point. $30

FS: 29g older fish tank with stock light and home made glass lid only $SOLD
076.jpg 074.jpg

FF: Home made doube stand painted black with built in bottom light fixture. (tried to sell earlier in the year, but life got hectic and I totally flaked on the buyer :( ) See above pic. GONE

FF: Bag or Random Plastic Plants

FF: Older Double Coralife Light with fans, 1 ballast removed.
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