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Moving to a new place - will take offers for one or all of the stuff below!

Aquaclear 70 in good condition ($25):

30gal Marineland Eclipse plus accessories ($75)
Dimensions: 30" (w) x 23" (h) x 12" (d)
Comes with:
- Hood filter
- AquaVac automatic water changer and cleaner system (approx 35 feet)
- Nutrafin Max goldfish sinking pellets
- Hikari Gold goldfish food
- AquaPlus tap water conditioner
- Nutrafin Master water testing kit
- Root Therm substrate heating system
- 1 Size-H filter cartridge for inline filter, if you choose to use it
- misc items: large fish net, aquarium salt, glass heater, assorted decorations, etc.

No leaks. Good condition.
(Might have to sell it to you slightly damp, as I haven't had a chance to totally clean it out.)

Pickup and cash only please.
Thanks for looking!
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