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Hello everyone ,

Got some equipment and a small aquarium up for sale. All the items mentioned in this sale were purchased in December 2015 and are used. They were running till about a week ago. Aquaclear with media is still running.Purchased a larger setup and these items have to go.

1.) Marina 5 Gallon with LED lighting, Marina slim 10 filter , stick on therm , one filter pad ,net. $25.00 *****SOLD******

2.)Fluval stratum 2kg/4.4 lbs bag USED and still decent , was rinsed. $ 15.00

3.) 2/2 Aquaclear 20 with media, still running,9 months use still fairly new.$ 15.00

4.)Aqueon mini 10 watt heater. $15.00 *****SOLD****

5.)Small piece of driftwood. $5.00 ******SOLD******

6.)Mopani driftwood with 2 pieces of Anubias. One attached to it , other has been taken off a rock. Both still producing shoots . $15.00

7.) Aquaclear 50 with media. Note: ***Please read***Was running but started to made some noise. The impeller needs to changed I assume. No structural issues or breaks and has the second tube extension. $10.00

8.) 22 gallon long aquarium. Condition is about 6/10 ,could use a clean ,and the seams look decent. I was the second owner history wise. Glass tops are included but they need to be worked on as the glue/plastic parts keeping the two together have warned out completely. $25.00 *****SOLD*****

9.)EHEIM 2215 Canister with media Note:****Please read**** Canister is not running,needs all the mechanical components changed.Head gasket,and motor are working everything else needs to be changed.It will include the media i put in and hoses are intact as well. ****$30.00****

Please feel free to contact me through a PM. Pictures can be provided via text and will provide my number via PM. All these items have been cleaned and looked after. Thanks for looking



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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