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I have for sale Aquarium & Pond Fish Caves & Condos. The caves & condos can come in all types of sizes & depending on the size there is a variety of colour patterns & styles you can get. I can ship them anywhere in Canada & USA.

The caves are proven breeders for Pleco's, from my Hypancistrus contradens ( Orinoco Polka-dot Pleco), L46 Zebra Pleco, L66 King Tiger Pleco, All types of Bristlenose Pleco including long fins & more. The larger caves are great for Catfish, Knife fish, larger Pleco's like Royals, & are great for ponds for Koi & Goldfish to hide in. The Condo's come in anywhere from 3 cave condo to almost as many as you'd like.

I attached some pics of some of the caves & condo's I have done.

Cave prices start at $10 for a 6"L x 1.5"W x 1"T
Condo prices start at $20 for a 3 cave condo.

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