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Hey all just want to clean out some of my extra aquarium stuff. ALL PRICES O B O

1) 25g aquarium(w/ stand, filter, hood/light) $60
-I built the stand out of 2x4s and all seals on tank are good. Throwing in an aqueous quietflow 30 because the latch on it is weird.
Purple Medical equipment Violet Audio equipment Gas Purple Rectangle Automotive design Bumper Office equipment
2) 10g bowfront aquarium(w/ hood/light) 20$
-It came as a complete set but lost some of the pieces. Can be set up as a normal aquarium still .
Automotive lighting Gas Tints and shades Bumper Machine
3) 36 inch beamswork LED light bar(w/ box) 30$
-Barely used. Automotive lighting Bumper Automotive tire Automotive exterior Automotive design

4) Fluval in tank filter 15$
Water Wood Bumper Gas Tints and shades
5) 150 watt Ehiem heater 20$

Pictures to come .
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