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i am shutting down my 2 aquariums

10x zebra danio
1x Emerald Danio
4x white clouds
1x black molly juvenile ( he was a fry from my old molly, i have since sold all the mollies didnt realize i still had 1 baby )
1x bamboo fan shrip
1x clown pleco female
1x fish i forgot what his name is, fish store didn't have a name on him, not sure if you can see but he is sitting on the branch in the middle of the fluval edge picture near the bamboo shrimp on the rock
he seems highly intelligent and usually comes to inspect what you are doing
all listed above for $20

next is the big tank

10x marble angelfish 2.5-3 inches
2x cobalt blue angelfish 2.5 inches
1x white platinum angelfish 2.5 inches
2x smokey angelfish one is long fin 2.5 inches
4x siamese algae eater 4-5 inches
5x apollo shark minnows 4-5 inches ( these are schooling top swimming fish )
4x corydoras ( cory ) types listed below i have one of each

all for 80$
Plant Plant community Green Wood Pet supply
Water Plant community Plant Green Fish supply
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