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FS : Assorted Platy
$30 OBO for 70+ (More than half adults)

I don't even know all of them, but ones I remember
  • Sunset Variatus
  • Blue
  • Hi-Fin Orange
  • Blue Coral
  • Blue Tuxedo
  • Red Tuxedo

Too many to count, come from two tanks, around 30-40 adults to young adults. Approximately 10-20 Juvi.
Could be more, I'm just counting minimum so you don't lose when making this purchase.
All healthy. Have NOT added any new fish for 10 months. They are disease free.
Except one blue coral platy doesn't look like he's doing well, most likely of his age now.

No disease, they've been mass producing since I don't remember when. I have so many because they just don't stop breeding. Their batches usually come to 30-50. I let them survive in the tank like mother nature, weak dies, strong lives, just to keep a healthy strain.

These are the messy tank they're coming from. Haven't pruned for a decade (exaggerating)
Please don't ask for a close up. I'm not going to bother for the price I'm selling at.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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