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I have some batch of Juveniles Blue Bolts, Shadow Panda, CRS and Taitibees hybrids for Sale.
All shrimps are Local breeding, excellent condition, healthy and active.

***Stocks are Limited!!
Blue Bolt Juveniles Regular/Mid Grades (size 0.8-1.45cm) $15 each or $100 for 10
Shadow Panda Juveniles (size 0.8-1.45cm) $20 each or $175 for 10
Taiwan Bees Hybrids mix of Black and Red (Mischlings) $60 for 10

CRS Juveniles grade S/S+ (size 0.8-1.45cm) $45 for 10
CRS Juveniles grade SS/SS+ (size 0.8-1.45cm) $55 for 10

Taitibees with Pinto Gene (Phenotype CBS) $15 each, $140 for 10

*NB: I can ONLY SHIP!!
If ya interested PM me

Taitibees Hybrids (Phenotype CBS)


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Please change your location from Canada to the city you live in so members know where to order from and if they want to get shrimp shipped from there.


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