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One used 18" fixture. See attached BML Performance Report for the specifications and picture of it used on my 10 G tank. Provides a very natural look to the plants (as opposed to using strictly 6500k/red/blue lights only). The cyan really brings out the greens. Used for everyday for 2 years for 8.5 hours/day.

Recently upgraded to a 46 G bow; no need for 18" fixture anymore. Works perfectly. Please PM me for a PDF of the performance report if difficult to view on the post.

Beam Angle: 90 degrees
10/15 LEDs 6500K
2/15 LEDs 660 nm deep red
2/15 LEDs 505 nm cyan
1/15 LED 450 nm royal blue

18.4 W
1211 Lumen

Burnaby, BC

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