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FS: Butterfly Goodeid (Ameca splendens) - $20

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Algaebeater/Kevin's parents have asked me to dismantle his tanks. Proceeds will go to his estate/family.

I've set the following fish at liquidation prices, but feel free to be generous or round up for the sake of his family.

Please refrain from haggling. This is already emotional enough to do and once again this all goes to Kevin's estate/family.

15+ fish of various maturity.

This is a rarer livebearer species. The breeding group is housed in 20 gallons. Similar to mollies and as such requires harder water.

Ideally should be kept in a species only tank.

Ameca splendens (Butterfly Goodeid) â€" Seriously Fish

$20 SOLD

Can be sold as livestock only or with the 20gal tank it is currently housed in (extra $15 charge for the tank + equipment). Please PM for details on equipment.

Pick up only in Coquitlam on Tuesday and Thursday evenings after 6:30.
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