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Selling used CADlight TIA 1150 Skimmer $100 OBO

Perfect working condition, just took off from my running tank 6 days ago. Did a clean up other than some of the coralline algae still on it (don't want to scratch the skimmer) It is now mostly clean and ready to be use on another tank. No crack of any kind on it.

The reason I got this skimmer is because of the small footprint and its quietness. It also a very efficient skimmer.
You can read the review here on marinedepot
CAD Lights TIA-1150 Conic Protein Skimmer

Extra insulated to feature silent operations, only 5 Decibels over audible sound.
High quality water pumps for long lasting high performance, minimal vibrations and silent operation.
Flexi-Plastic injection molded pin-wheel impellers for extended life and designed for high volume air draw.
Mold-Casted Acrylic body, Solid seamless with no joints. Extra thick Acrylic construction.
Attractive Semi-gloss Porcelain color Acrylic.
Newest built-in micro-bubble trapping mechanisms virtually eliminates all the micro-bubbles in the exhaust.
Laser cut bubble plate dramatically reduces turbulence and improves direction of foam production.
Easily disassembles completely for simple maintenance and cleaning. Only 4 thumbscrews to remove for complete access to pump, bubble-plate and internal reaction chamber.
Each Conic skimmer comes already fully assembled for simple installation the moment it arrives!
1-Year Manufacturer`s Warranty covers the entire skimmer from top to bottom (including skimmer body, pump, impeller, fittings etc).

Dimensions: 9.75" x 6.5" x 18.5"
Wattage: Power consumption of 20W
Air draw: 315 L/H. 100% of perfectly sized bubbles for Maximum attachment to DOCs (Dissolve Organic Compounds).
Optimum Water level 7"-10"
Light bio-load:150 Gallon
Medium bio-load: 120 Gallon
Heavy bio-load: 90 Gallon


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