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FS: Canister filter, heaters misc

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Eheim Ecco pro 80 canister filter with media and extra filter . New $280 asking $160

Aqua clear 70 filter with media and extra sponge filters. New $80 asking $45

Marineland led aquarium light used for 29 gallon aquarium
Paid $70 asking $45

Fake coral decoration paid $90 asking $45

Whisper 40 air pump $10

Fluval 304/305 impeller new in box $10

Elite 300w heater new in box $30

Elite 150w heater new in box $20

Marina 150w heater used $10

Marina 100w heater used $10

29 gallon tank chipped on bottom corner below black trim. I had water in it with no problem just not going to sell it knowing it might leak. Good for reptile tank. Asking $40

Gravel siphon $10 for both

Call or text Marc at 6049991342
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Need this stuff gone.
Make me an offer
Use phone number provided in add for quicker response.
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