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FS: Cheap Large Discus

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5.5-6" Discus

1x Brilliant Blue was $85 now $75
2x Original Pigeon Blood $65/ea (pair for $100) They are a possible pair, always swimming together and one chases only the odd blue one during feeding.

Eating Hikari Bloodworm.
Below are photos of them the day after tank transfer so they were naturally stressed. To see updated photos look a few posts below!

Water Vertebrate Azure Blue Organism
Water Blue Underwater Organism Mammal
Water Ocean sunfish Vertebrate Blue Azure
Water Fin Organism Underwater Fish
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To be honest I think you should just give someone them so they don't die because in their current state I don't even know if they would survive any more stress :(
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These discus are not cheap for what condition they are in. They look incredibly stressed out. So beware any buyers.
They were stressed when i took the photos the day after i transferred them from a dirtier environment to this tank. They are now eating well, perky, and healing up nicely.
Ok well if you change your mind, I have space in my 55.
I can pay a bit but not your asking price and if you want I can trade you a Light
I got a coralife light 36" dual light. For trade if you want for those discus.
Just looking for cash atm, thanks. I will update with a few better photos if they are still here in the coming days, they look noticeably better. Eating bloodworm like monsters! :)
The three discus are still available.
Here are some updated photos of them. They are doing amazing!
Water Blue Azure Fin Organism
Water Vertebrate Azure Fin Natural environment
Water Vertebrate Fluid Organism Pet supply
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does the one at the back always have those black spots all over?
Yeah, it's been a week and his peppering is still strong as before.
How low would you be willing to drop the price? What part of richmond are you in?
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