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Appx. 15-20 lb of rock, a 6g bucket of sand (about 40lb wet) A foxface lo and two clownfish. (one orange, one black misbar Ocellaris)

I also have a whole bunch of saltwater stuff I won't be needing since I'm going freshwater again. Food, buffers/chemicals, extra buckets and two different powerheads. I also have a Aquarium Pharmaceuticals water RO unit. The piece that attached to the tap broke, bit the rest is fine. Cartridge been changed as recent as August. The tap adaptor piece is cheap to replace. Hygrometers x2, battery powered digital thermometer.

Probably more stuff there, I'll list it as I find it.
Take all, pick up only for $200.

Pick up only please, in Surrey near 128/96.

Text or pm- 7783 872 997
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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