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Anyone here is interesting in couple brand new Pharos LED? I am no longer carrying this brand and got couple of them left. I am selling them without the manufacturer warranty and that is why is is $180 each and if you want the controller just add $20.00.. However, you will get a 6 month warranty back by me. If the light is broken and you got the light with the controller for total of $200.00, you can bring it back with the receipt and use that value for any of the Zetlight products. The fixture has been tested recently and never been used. comes with hanging kit. This is a very capable Reef LED and very nicely built. It will beat any of those Taotonic generic brand hands down.

3" 3000(Off the chart)
6" 2047
12" 753
24" 316
32" 230
36" 200


Cree XPE Blue 3 Watts x 4
Cree XPE Royal Blue 3 Watts x 12
Cree XPG Warm White 5 Watts x 2
Cree XPG Neutral White 5 Watts x 6


Wireless receiving module with wireless
2-channel capable
Active- & passive-cooled using
internal temp probe and cooling fan
Automatic day & night circulation
Programmable night time length
Cloud Simulation
Lunar Cycle
Dimmable 0 - 100%
Exterior light compensation mode

Here is a pic from a fellow BCA member who got the light


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I like mine i wish i could afford one more

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yeah thanks, I am more than happy with the light, the only thing I have an issue is the supplier and their support. I tried very hard to convince them that bring down overall cost of the LED is a needed direction and i guess it is all about $$$ after all. So I am only stick with Zetlight now, at least they keep up with their development of new products and I am eager to try some of their other new stuff.
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