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FIRST COME FIRST SERVED, no holds, I hate no shows:mad:
Pics to come
pm or call me at 7788984268 for Wicky to arrange time, free most evenings (except monday):D

more equips and livestocks to clear as I prepare back to school

Fluval 2 Plus with filter pads $15
Fluval 3 Plus with filter pads $25

Hydro Sponge Filter (I) $5
Hydro Sponge Filter (II) $7
sponge filter w/ suction cup (twin sponge) - $6 1left
2Xcorner sponge filter $3ea

Fish breeder box (floating) $7

Various HOB and sub heaters
Various air pumps (new and used)
Various decorations

2X 26 Ga glass tank (bottom drilled but patched) $20ea or $30both

- no leak, 24L 18W 14H

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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