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Hi there,

I'm selling this package as a set for someone who is needing to get into the hobby but want to enjoy small nano tanks without the bulk. I chose the paintball canister system because of its size. It is also to just throw that into your backpack since that is what I did when I was a student. Would just pop by the army and surplus store near commercial broadway on my way back from class,for a quick $10 refill - I believe the price has raised now but that was manageable for a 6 month refill. So each year, I only head there every summer, i'd imagine if you added a solenoid timer, that will result in a visit once a year. Damn, all these memories come flooding back to when you started haha.

Oh right, the paintball tanks need a hydro test. Locations are made available from jobber - mrknowitall at the following link:

I chose to get legit doaqua! products because I wanted a good quality glass that I would not worry about breaking them from fitting on the rubber tubing or even take it off for that matter. The drop checker shown in the picture is not included.
Do!Aqua CO2 Music Counter
Do!Aqua CO2 Music Glass 10D Red Sea CO2 Pressure Regulator w/Needle Valve: Pet Supplies

I got this one originally for $79 at aquariumswest because it was missing a few parts, and the plastic cap to adjust the valve had lost it's threading near the opening, however, it is readily repairable with some cement and intentional modifications - I haven't done so because it didn't affect the performance as long as you don't overturn (not desired for the pressure, efficiency is attained when it is in the green area indicated per picture provided, also with the help of a wrench or DIY brass handle will be pretty cool. Comes with the needle valve for precision in tuning bubbles per second, also a brass one way valve.

There's also this aquavitro scissors, tested it out and it didn't disappoint. The mechanical feeling combined with precision trimming at the tip transformed my view on aquatic trimming scissors, it is now enjoyable to do so and I look forward to doing it each week.
There's also some Dry fertilizers that I got and still have left overs, a 0.44 gallon water in a 2.2 gallon tank is extremely small, so it didn't take a lot at all. 0.12mg per week or depending on which method of dosing you do, (Estimative Index, or precision dosing/assisted electronic)



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