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I'm moving long distance and sadly need to part with my setup. Includes everything you need and more:
- 29 gallon curved front aquarium
- Beamworks LED lighting system with timer
- Protein skimmer
- heater
- filter
- circulation pumps
- lots of live rock with some mushroom coral
- sand
- 2 clowns
- 2 black and white fish (I think they are Damselfish)

plus a tonne of supplies and extra equipment:
- auto feeder
- entire 160 gal pail of salt (almost new)
- Complete reverse Osmosis filtration unit
- food
- net
- scrapers
- hydrometer
- filter media
- thermometer
- etc.
- plus a big box of extra stuff including another protein skimmer and various other items

$350 for everything

note: this is a package deal - no parting out. Obviously all of this is worth well more than what I am selling for... I just want to see it all go to someone looking to pick up the hobby or add another tank. Also, since we are in Covid times, I don't want to deal with an endless steam of people. so please don't waste my time - serious only please

located in Yaletown

more photos:


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