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FS: coralife super skimmer 65, red sea prizm deluxe, AquaC urchin

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Need to clear out these skimmers that have been sitting in storage.

Coralife 65 super skimmer - SOLD!
NOTE: I've added an emergency drain to the collection cup so that if the skimmer overflows everything just drains back into the tank instead of onto the floor.

(Second picture is the pump for the skimmer)

Prizm deluxe skimmer - SOLD!
(comes with surface skimmer attachment)

aquaC urchin pro skimmer without pump - $35
(Just needs a maxijet1200 or similar pump)

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is the AquaC a HOB?
Nope, its an in sump model. Its basically the in sump version of the AquaC remora.
I'm interested in the super skimmer. PM sent.
urchin pro is rated for 40-120g
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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