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FS: corals and inverts surrey

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fireshrimp 20
cleaner shimp 15
rbta 60
pair dwarf coral bandit 30 for both

50 pounds of live rock wit corals

soft corals

toadstool 15
blue mushroom 5/a head
green ric mushrom 5/head
devils hand 30
huge gsp rock 60

zoas and paly

red people eater colonie
blue hornets
cats eyes
sunny ds
choclate chip
taiwan troppicana
kee reds
fire n ice
god of war
eagle eye
blue palys
radio active draons eyes


braching hammer 30
frog spawn 25
red chalace 50
water melon chalace 40
mummy eye chalace 40


ora green motipora 30
green acro 25
purple bonsai 40
green/red monti combo 40

text 604 368 1690 for quick reply and pics
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Thanks for the nem and corals!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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