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FS: CRS x5 SS grade

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Am clearing out a tank and have 5 pieces of SS grade CRS for sale.
They are all very nice pieces, most have thick colours and red legs. (Pls refer to pics)
Prefer to sell as a lot of 5 pieces for $35.
Email me if interested: [email protected]
Pick up only, in Kits near Jericho beach.


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Wow nice shrimps! Shouldnt have a problem selling those.
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Thanks bud! :)

Shrimps still available
I'm interested but my tank isn't ready just starting fish less cycle...
Thanks for letting me know mike. Contact me when you're ready and see if I still have them.
They seem very happy in their breeding box, awaiting their new home and owner :)
Btw you can use products like Nutrifin Cycle or Prodibio ampoules to hasten the process, but still its a process that should not be rushed.
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