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FS: Curvier Bichirs $5 Or Trade

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I've update the price of the curvier bichirs. I'm pricing them so they can go to a good tank. I originally paid $15 each for them 3 months ago, I'm concerned that it may be possible they become food for other fish in my tank.

I've priced them very reasonably, WILL ONLY SELL ALL FOUR TOGETHER. I doubt you will find curvier bichirs anywhere for $5 a bichir. They're currently 3-4 inches in length.

Also willing to trade for a pleco that isn't the common variety. Must be 2"+ or other fishing willing to hear offers.

Link to more pictures on my craigslist ad Fish Curvier Bichirs - $5

Organism Fish Fish supply Tail Fin

Organism Pet supply Fish supply Fin Fish

Can text me at 778-eight eight six-5773 or pm me
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you coming this way i would take them!!
Far lol 1 hr maybe meet in mission?
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