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Hey everyone!

So my friend is moving and where he's going he wont be allowed a tank of this size. Tank is less then two years old, and in great condition! All equipment is top of the line and also in amazing shape.

I'd prefer to sell everything at once, but if it comes to it and someone wants just the tank/stand then I can part out the rest. I will also edit this post with more detail once home.

So here is everything....Everything was bought brand new at same time as the tank.

- Custom Acrylic Tank 255g (84” L x 27” W x 26” T) with Herbie Overflow

- Custom 4 compartment acrylic sump w/ media

- Illumina SR 1800 (I believe it's the 360) but I will double check when I get home. 72” programmable Vertex Aquaristik LED with 12 LED light settings. w/ hanging hardware

- 2 x VorTech MP 60 Magnetic power heads

- Vertex Alpha 250 Protein Skimmer

- 2 x Sicce Syncra return pumps

- Custom steel stand with custom coating to BC Ferries standards for salt water protection. White oak magnetic cladding.(Of course it would be easy enough to get what ever pattern/texture of cladding you'd want)

Plus the live rock/sand and I'm sure there is a bunch of other stuff.

Asking 7,000$ for everything. Or feel free to make me offers! If you have any questions at all, or would like pictures please feel free to send me a message.

Tank is taken apart and cleaned up, located in South Burnaby.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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