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Hey everyone,

I just wanted to post about my business, if this is the right place. I've recently made the official decision to make full time work of my little business, The Dog Nanny. I offer private lessons, some classes, boarding for small dogs and walking (in east Maple Ridge only). I have been walking dogs 7 days a week, 365 days a year for the past 3 years and professionally training for 1 year. I am certified through the Pet Professional Guild, and have a pet first aid course under my belt.

Best of all, all of my services are 100% force-free: I don't rely on things like choke chains, prong collars, e-collars and physical to train dogs. Rather, I train dogs the way that many animals in zoos, competition rings and households are trained: using theory from animal behaviorism and learning theory! Creatures, across the board, are not that different in how they learn and we usually pick up new habits based on two things: what works, and what doesn't!

You can like my page on Facebook, or see a full list of services on my website, I also like to put my English degree into practice by writing articles about dog care, gear and behavior.

For my BCAquaria family, who has been really fantastic to me over the years, I would like to offer 20% off on all training services.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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