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Got it from another BCAQ member one week ago.

Changing my plan so not going to use it.

Missing 1 clips but works fine.

Comes with

1.Eheim Quick Release Disconnect Valves


3.spray bar,old media and extra new media

Wood Bicycle part Gas Hardwood Office supplies

Hat Headgear Wood Plant Circle

I think it was one year old according to the previous owner.

I took a test on the filter found that it has some noise as the clips were a little bit off so when I pressed the power head the noise reduced. (See video below)

Not sure if it is a impeller problem or not.

Reduce price to $40 CAD and pick up at New Westminster Skytrain.

Pm me for more info.

To avoid the hassle in the snow storm, I also record the video.

Thanks for watching.
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