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Hi there everyone,

We have three kitchen appliances to sell:

- Electric Range $200
- Refrigerator $180
- Dishwasher $100

Price could be slightly negotiable depending on what you are looking for. I've done some looking in craigslist myself for similar kitchen appliances and I would say our prices are very reasonable.

We are a married young couple that likes to cook and we have just bought some new stainless steel higher end appliances. There is nothing wrong at all with the existing black appliances that we are currently using but just want to enjoy some even nicer appliances, plus stainless steel will go better with our wall colour and general house layout setting. Therefore we are wanting to sell our black kitchen appliances, because it will be a waste to just recycle them. We rather it go to a good home.

We have took real life pictures of the appliances to demonstrate how much item we can fit into our fridge/freezer. I guess we're not very good with utilizing the space in our dishwasher but trust me, you can fit lots of dishes in there. Dishwashers are almost always standard sized anyways. We will clean and wipe down all appliances for you before selling them to you. We also have the original manuals for all the appliances and we will give them to you too obviously with the sale of the items.

Our new appliances will be delivered on the 26th of March (Saturday) and someone will help us install the Over the range "OTR" Microwave and the dishwasher on the 29th of March (Tuesday). So if you are looking to get all three as a set, then you will have to come after the 29th. If you want to get only the fridge and/or range, you can come after the 26th.

If interested, please pm or text/call us at 778-8588992 will be faster. You will have to come pick up the appliances yourself as we do not have any large vehicle that we can transport them with. Please bring dolly, wheelie, or whatever that you can roll the appliances with. We are located on 100th Avenue, Surrey, very close to King George Skytrain station.

Thank you for looking and have a great day.

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