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Hi Everyone,

I have moved and settled into new home. I sold my tank and now I have left over equipment all in great condition, looking to sell to someone who just wants it all as a great package deal! Asking $500. As I recently moved, they are all clean and boxed ready for pick up in Langley. The pic shows most of the equipment excluding the 20G.

Fluval FX6
Fluval FX5
2 300W Eheim heaters submersible
1 250W Eheim heater submersible
1 100W Eheim heater submersible
2 Aqueon 48" or 4 ft LED lights
20G tank
10G tank
Fluval Q2 air pump
Fluval .5 air pump
2 Penguin (Marineland) HOB bio wheel 200 filters used only for 4 months

I have many extra stuff to that I will throw in for free such as: I have extra 48" led aqueon light that just requires new led, extra air pumps and filter pads etc I will throw in for free to whoever takes this great bundle off me. :) Please text or call me at 7782398110 - Hugo


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