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FS: ETS 1000 Protein Skimmer (it's big!)

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I have an ETS 1000 protein skimmer from a very large tank. It is in excellent condition and was only used for approximately 18 months before the tank came down. Located in north Surrey and looking to get $249 but open to offers. It was over $1000 so grab a bargain!
Pump not included.
Give me a call 604-581-8098

ETSS 1000 Protein Skimmer (62 inches tall) rated for up to 600 gallon aquariums.

Footprint is 12 inch by 9 inch.
Inlet is 1 inch PCV socket or barb fitting. Outlet is 1 1/2 inch gate valve for precise skimmer adjustment.
Recommended input flow rate is 800 to 1200 gph.

Allowing total control over a large (300+gallons) aquariums water quality.

Doing SPS corals and loads of fish with heavy food input. No problem, this skimmer can easily keep up with it.

Its flow rate can be controlled with the pumps outlet ball valve to accommodate the ideal organic level for your application. Lowering the flow rate increases the organic level in the aquarium. Increasing the flow rate decreases the organic levels in the aquarium.

The total height of the oxygen reactor/mixer is what accounts for its phenomenal performance. While its size cannot be hidden under a stand its skimming performance more than makes up the any inconvenience. While those of you who have struggled to maintain an under the stand skimmer know, that easy access to a behind or next to the stand skimmer makes it a breeze to maintain. And we all know that a clean skimmer which in turn equals a clean tank!!!!

Size: 12x9x62 inches
Inlet: 1 inch PVC inlet can use either a 1 inch hose barb or Std 1 inch PVC fitting
Outlet: one each 1 1/2 inch PVC Gate valve
Flow range: 800 to 1200 GPH
Tank capacity: 300 to 600 gallons
Uses 55 large bio balls for the ultimate in skimming action


Powerful ETSS patented Downdraft Technology skimming action
The updated version of the first ETSS model ever developed. This skimmer has changed our concept what we can achieve with our marine tanks forever.
This professional skimmer is used to provide the finest water quality in some of the most awesome aquariums ever built.
The unparalled oxygen exchange that this skimmer produces will easily blow off any CO2 buildup maintaining optimal oxygen levels in the aquarium.
Good phosphate removal action to really clean your aquarium.
Plankton friendly Downdraft action.


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