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I have to apologize for the quality of the pic. For some reason it didn't come out the way I like it to be.

Snowflake Eel $30 . Very close to 18 to 20"
Probly the only reason I still have this tank running is because my wife really love to hand feed it. Really hope someone could take good care of him. He never touched any of my other fish and have been with us for over 5 years. It is really sad to let him go, but running a 90G tank just for 1 eel really not making much sense. So I really hope for someone knows about eel to take him home.

Bangaii Cardinal SOLD

Mushroom rock over 15 Polyps. Got it from JL and they sold it as electric green
Selling it for $30

Toadstood $15


I also has a female Green Mandrin fish SOLDI had her for 2 years now.
I couldn't get a pic of her for now because she always in the LR looking for food, but I will try to get a pic as soon as I got the chance.

I also have a single green Chromis which I might just have to toss let it go with someone buying other fish for free then.
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