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Getting rid of the extra's

-standard 10 Gallon tank $8

-50watt heater $5

-Siphon $1

-Undergravel filter for 20g long/30g tanks! $5 Used for less than a month. Modified for my turtle tank!

-Betta tanks by pennplax Single $1 Doubles $2

-Plastic Plants(small) $1each

-Plastic Plant(big)with suction cup$5
-Turtle basking dock(large)$8 PENDING
-Basking dock(small)with suction cups$5
-Hiding Cave(large) $8 PENDING

-Filter Cartridge Size "k" $2
Bought it for $5 at king eds! But I have no need for it anymore.
Never used! Still in original package!

-Fluval U1 Filter less than 6 months old! $15 SOLD!!

-AC20 with 1 month old media $10 SOLD

-light fixture with 2 t8 bulbs $10 SOLD

-2 Elite Mini Filter for up to 5gallons $5each SOLD!

-Brand New Nutrafin Max Fish Flake Food $3 SOLD

-Wardley's small fry food $1 SOLD

PLEASE READ!! This is free because I believe that only one speaker works and the other will have to be fixed.
But everything else like the base works.
All cords included!
I will also throw in a set of headphones with a mic.
First come first serve, no holds. Thanks!

Also FF

-2 DIY 5 gallon tank cover
-fluval 2 plus carbon pad

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Hm... I had to take the speakers I guess, my husband would be interested,
If the offer is still valid and he wants them, can we pick them next time we are around you?
I may get the syphon too, I think it would be good for my new 20 g?

BTW, the gravel looks GREAT it there, very nice! Thanks a lot!

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PM'ed about the Eclipse tank and Elite mini filter.
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