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FS/FF Aquarium tops, lights, box of misc stuff, CO2

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Free: [GONE]
24" aquarium top and light fixture (incadescent)
30" light fixture only (incadescent)
20" aquarium top only

$10 for entire Box o' Stuff:
Aqua Nova NF-450 filter. Has the intake tube, but missing the extension. (I don't know if cartridges are available - I just used a regular dollar store sponge and filter floss)
Old school air pump (works)
50W heater (works)
Lava rock
Gargoyle decoration
Pleco cave

Automotive lighting Font Gas Cosmetics Metal
Jaw Natural material Artifact Cuisine Dish
Building Art Landscape Plant Metal
Electric blue Natural material Fashion accessory Font Drink

$15 Fluval Mini Pressurized CO2 kit
Includes everything but the cartridges. I bought this from another member months ago but never used it so I can't put any guarantees on it.

Product Jewellery Auto part Electric blue Metal

Pick up in south Burnaby.
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Tank lids and lights are now gone. There has been some interest but no one's actually come for the box of stuff or the CO2 kit so they are still available. First come, first served.
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