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Hi there - I have these two items below for sale... may have more things but can't remember at the moment.

UP Co2 Aquarium Piercer/Regulator - 35$
- Same as the URL below. CAD sucked when I bought it for 39$. Completely Brand New.
- UP CO2 Aquarium Pierce Simple Regulator Gauge Manometer FOR Disposable Cartridge | eBay
- This works with disposable paintball cartridges - you can find them at Canadian Tire. I believe it's 2 for 18$ at this time.

AutoFeeder - Free *GONE*
- Simple one, uses batteries, cannot set a time or anything

Will be updating post with pictures later. Please text me at 778 840 8188.

I am available to meet on the Canada Line and/or in Richmond.

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