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Got around to cleaning the garage and sorted out some stuff that I no longer need


10 Gallon standard tanks cleaned and ready to go $15 each 10g glass lid $10
18'' Marineland LED light one row of the white lights do not work $15
Black and white sand 5 gallon bucket full $10
4 output gang valve splitters $5
New breeding boxes $5 each, $10 for all 3 (one has guppy fry trap)

100w hang on heater with suction cup $10
100w EHEIM Jager submersible heater, used for less than a year $20

Supplements + Test Kits + Medication (most of these have hardly been touched (Offer for all)

Plant saver $5
Seachem Equilibrium nearly full hardly used $8
GH + KH test kit nearly full $8
PH test kit, ph up, nearly full $8

Water clarifier 4oz ~ half remaining $2
Kordon Copper aid parasite treatment, like new $5
Sera Ich treatment + vitamins ~ half remaining $5


Baby brine shrimp collector net new $5
10x Petri dish used as feeding dishes $5 for all
Bag of pvc pipe cut in tubes for pleco caves $5

Reasonable offers may be considered.


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Do you have sponge filters & dual sponge filters still ... sent you a PM
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