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Hi guys,

I have the following for sale/free:

API Master Test Kit - 20$
- Bought about 6-7 months ago, almost all are pretty full (plenty of uses left)
- pH, high range pH, Nitrates, Nitrite, Ammonia
- Bonus: gH/kH test
- 2 Test tubes only

Tropica Premium Fertilizer - 5$
- Half of a bottle or so left
- Pump is broken

Alkaline Buffer - 5$
- Basically brand new, full, opened.

Fluval Stratum Substrate - Free
- Not much left, probably 500mL worth

Nutrafin Water Conditioner - Free

Marina Gravel Pink - Free

Topfin Premium Aquarium Gravel - Free
- There's a lot, like 25lbs worth.

As always, if you really want something but don't have the funds, you can have it for free. Please just don't resell/try to profit off me. Pickup in Richmond for free stuff and/or meet along the Canada line. Please text me at 778 840 8188.

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Not open for further replies.