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Hello, I have many fish tanks and equipment for sale.

All free equipment must be picked up. I can deliver the full tank setups for gas money.

1x 10 gallon tank. Free
1x 10 gallon tank with a 50 watt Marina heater, an Aquaclear 20 filter and 17" Marineland hidden LED lighting system. $90.00 (~$131.00 for all new)

2x 20 gallon tank Free
1x 20 gallon working florescent light. Free

30 gallon tank with a 150 watt Marineland Visi-therm heater, Aquaclear 50 filter and a Tetra whisper 40 air pump, cover and working florescent light. $150.00 (~$220.00 for all new)

50 gallon tank with a 300 watt Aquatop heater and homemade canister filter (described below). Homemade stand. $200.00 (~$330.00 for all new and comparable filter)

1x 36'' Finnex Monster Ray light. $100.00

2x mopani wood driftwood $5.00 each
2x unknown wood driftwood Free

Sand substrate Free with tanks

1x amazon sword plant ~7'' high. Free

Homemade 50 gallon canister filter.
5 Gallon bucket with sealing lid.
Rio 1400 pump, 420 gallons per hour
Pvc water intake and outflow
4x Aquaclear 110 gallon filter sponges
Polyester stuffing for filtration

The filter is set up and almost ready to be used. The hole where the power cord needs to be sealed. I have silicone which will work, but I am not convinced that it is a good long term solution as it does not stick to the plastic well. Some sort of glue would be best. The pvc intake and output need to have the holes drilled in them for water. The intake/output do not have a way to stick onto the take. I was going to use clamps or make something.

One of the 10's, the 30, and nearly the 50 gallon tanks have all the parts to set up a tank. They just need water and fish. At this time I do not want to part out the tanks as an enthusiast or someone looking to start out can have a whole setup.

I will be moving within the next few months and cannot take the tanks with me.

For more information feel free to ask. No reasonable offer refused. First come first serve
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