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Hi, I'm moving on thursday to another province. We can only bring what can fit in our truck.

I have about 20 teeny tiny baby golden mystery snails. I would prefer them to go to someone who will grow them out and sell them, rather than feed them to something. $15 includes their vase bamboo, java fern, drift wood and other little things.

1 5 gallon tank, pretty simple, no filter or anything 5$

1 10 gallon tank, with lights no pump. just needs a pump because the filter is in the lighting unit thing $10

10 pond fish. They are wonderful cichlids. They will last the winter. They were rescued from a pond that got completely destroyed in burnaby. 4-7 inches (i think) and will eat out of your hand $50 for all obo

1 red male betta. He has lived in community tanks before and fit in quite well.. I dont know if he still will

1 Knight Goby- $5 about 3 inches

These need to go today or tomorrow. My internet will be cut off so if interested please call me asap.

Can deliver for gas $

604-618-3243 call anytime, will be up until 2 am packing. thank you!!!!
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