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FS: Fish + Tank need a new home! 46G Bowfront setup.

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Hi All,

I've neglected this tank for too long.. It's time to move on and find a new home.

* 46g bow front with stand
* all the equipment, including:
* Aqua Nova filter
* Heater
* LED lights
* All the livestock, including:
* 4 angelfish
* 6 or 7 black skirt tetras
* A large common pleco
* Java fern
* annubis
* all the rocks and driftwood you can see in the picture

$200, OBO

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can you post a better pic. with the stand please and the dims
Hey guys,

Some additional pictures. The original one was taken yesterday, these ones are from today.

Filter is an AquaNova NCF-1200

LED came from Charles.

Natural material Rectangle World Water Gadget

Wood Hardwood Home appliance Gas Gadget

I can see the forum is mangling the pictures a bit. PM an email address and I can email the pics directly to you.

I'm located in Port Moody -- Heritage Woods near Anmore.

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Lilredwagon better grab this one. He has been searching for something like this forever. Get on it!!
how has no one picked this up?

I just sold a similar 46 gal bow front w/ stand, filter and light for $200 alone...
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