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6 tanks of different frys from different breeds.

0.5" - 5" sizes.

they are ZZ x fader x kamalau x texas

Short body/long body, Fader/pure white, pearl/no pearl, full flower line/no flower line, short lip/long lip....etc.
Over thousands to choose from and lots of them can tell the sex already. Some Female with little kok too.

sell as a BULK price and CHEAP.
Starting from $0.5.
$10 you can have a bag of smallest guys.
Also if you buy bigger and better bigger guys you will get some free small potato lol.

- one of the breeding pairs

- one of the fader breeder female

- one FS tank of smallest bath (there is another smaller batch than this but too small for sale yet)

- 2nd small FS tank

- 3rd FS tank

- 4th FS tank

- 5th tank

- 6th tank with bigger ones from all different batch (there are 2 big tanks)

may mixed up some pics but those are what u can choose whatever u like.

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just to clarify, i did not breed those as i don't have that many tanks and space in my little apartment.

My frd did, and all i did was just contributed some

whoever wants some just pm me i will pass you his number. He is a very nice guy and i will tell him to give u good deal :)
u can pick what ever you like in the tanks or net the fish yourself.
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