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FS: Fluval Studio 600 Aquarium (MINT. w/ Extras!!!)

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Fluval Studio 600. Mint condition 10/10. Comes with everything original incl. extras (Upgraded canister filter to Fluval 306, Koralia powerhead, sponge filter with fusion air pump, aqua plus water conditioner, PH test kit, aquarium salt, net, bucket, medium algae magnet, gravel, river rocks, fake plant)

33 Gallon (125L) Aquarium with Brushed Aluminum Frame
Dimensions: 64 L x 45.5W x 55 H cm (25 x 18 x 21.65 H in)
Hagen Double 61cm (24″) HO T5 light strip Gloss Black finish (All black - newer model light)
Bevelled Sliding Glass Cover
Undertake Filter Connection
Integrated Fluval 205 Filter (Upgraded to fluval 306!!!)
Gloss Black Aquarium cabinet with 2 doors and aluminum handles
Stand Dimensions: 63cm (24.75″) x 44.5cm (17.5″) x 80cm (31.5)
Fluval ""M"" 150watt Heater
Power-Glo Fluorescent Bulb, 39 W, 85cm (34″)

Purchased at Aquariums West in downtown Vancouver for $699.99 + tax (not incl the upgrade of the canister filter + bonus items which is worth another $200+). Setup was purchased beginning of 2015.

Fluval Studio 600 | Aquariums West

Selling everything for $600.

Pickup downtown Vancouver.

Call or text 6047887228

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