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Fluval Studio 600 | Aquariums West

Hi, I'm selling my Fluval Studio 600, it is in great condition. This tank set gave me a lot of fun, but I am too busy with the study and don't have time for such a big tank.
The tank was well maintained, the first pic is what it looked like serveral months ago;
the second one is the tank after I shut it down.(Now)
There is still some Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum left in the tank, you can use them if you want(may have good bacteria in it) or clean it out yourself.

//I have no idea why the pics are rotated

The studio 600 includes:
The 33G tank (25 x 18 x 21.65H, measured in inch)
Hagen Double 61cm (24″) HO T5 light strip, including two 6 months old bulbs(10000k &colormax) and two bulbs(white and red, don't know other details)
The Bevelled Sliding Glass Cover
Fluval 205 Canister Filter
Tank Stands(have cabinet)
Fluval heater (150W or 200W, can't recall the detail)
---Basically everything listed in the aquarium west website.

I can also throw you a bottle of SeaChem Prime and Fluval activate carbon, if you want.

Pick up only, near SFU burnaby campus. This tank is heavy, you will need two people to pick it up.

Price is $300. They worked as a set, I can't sell parts.
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