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I have 10 crystal shrimps, 4 CRS and 6 CBS. 1 CRS is berried. Some are older, some are younger.
My CRS are SS grade - solid and even colouring. My CBS are S-SS grade - parents are a uneven in colour, but offspring are mostly solid and even coloured.

Easily the hardiest crystal shrimps you will find. I kept them in very low pH (5.3) with very high GH with a TDS of around 500-600 ppm for a year. They are now being conditioned to more natural parameters so they can transition into most tanks.
Current parameters:
pH: 6.4-6.6
GH: 4-5
TDS: 150-180

I'm looking to sell them all together for $40.00.

I will part them separately if I get a commitment from two buyers to purchase each breed. $4/each, so 16 for crs, 24 for cbs.
You will have to come pick them up if that's the case, but I could meet at Oakridge on a day I'm free.

I'm looking to use the money to buy some PFR cherries. I will also trade the CRS/CBS for 10-15 PFR cherries.
I really want solid/consistent coloured PFR shrimps, nothing less.

I can try to take pics but my camera isn't great. I can post images from the internet that I humbly feel they best look alike to. You can feel free to come by my place and check them out as well.
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